Yangchen Dolkar

Director, Business Operations

Yangchen has joined ABKJ in year 2011 and she is a core member in establishing ABKJ Asia Global Center in Bangalore, India. She reports to Chairman & CEO based in ABKJ headquarter office in Seattle, US. As a Director of Operations, Yangchen is leading & overseeing an overall business operation in India which includes business development, operations, human resources management, financials and all related interest of a company. She ensures all designated professionals & disciplines are functioning at the highest standard of professionalism as per company’s policy and in meeting ABKJ objectives.

Yangchen started her career at ABKJ as HR & Client Relations Manager, based on her good consistency in performance, she was promoted to Operations Manager and now holding Director of Operations since early 2013. Her greatest strength includes networking with people and her ability in fostering relationship with people. She ensures the highest level of service, performance, and professionalism is delivered to our clients. Yangchen strives to recruit the best talent and focused to maintain diverse professional work environment.

Yangchen academic background includes Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management equivalent to Master in Business Administration (MBA), Specialized in Human Resources Management (HRM), Bachelor of Arts (BA), Certification in legal literacy by the National Law School of India (NLSU) and Certification in Economics Honors.