About Us

ABKJ is a design services firm headquartered in Seattle, Washington known as the US Global Center. Founded in 1956, we have provided leadership and support for the most challenging and recognizable projects in the Pacific Northwest, across the United States, and around the world for private and public clientele requiring the highest level of capabilities.

ABKJ offers various service verticals such as ArchitecturalStructural EngineeringBuilding Information Modeling Solutions (BIM) and Graphic & Web Design. Our third generation of leadership focuses on further growth by pursuing unique design challenges, meeting clients needs, and developing a talented and creative organization.

ABKJ teams continually researches, develop, collaborate, and apply new technologies to designs enhancing our abilities to present solutions that perform to targeted budgets, schedules, and construction quality requirements. This makes ABKJ a valuable asset to any successful project, development, and construction program.

ABKJ launched the Asia Global Center in Bangalore, India named ABKJ Infrastructure & Design Solutions Pvt Ltd in early 2011. It empowers our firm to streamline US expertise across nations, and perform services on a twenty-four hours production cycle meeting cost and time efficiency goals while maximizing quality. ABKJ US Global Center and Asia Global Center work jointly on all active projects, assuring clients stability of ABKJ team stakeholders throughout which strengthens our firms unique position in the market place.

ABKJ is a minority owned business and maintains OMWBE, DBE, and SCS certifications.

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