Netapp Office building

Planning, Design, and Engineering of several small to large interior and exterior improvements projects to an already extraordinary and state of the art office building located in an up-and-coming location in Bangalore metropolitan area. The existing office building consists of approximately 500,000 square feet of innovative workspaces, common areas, activity zones that is ever changing to meet the needs of employees, visitors, and vendors.
Projects includes:
• Enhanced Exterior Facade
• Renovated Food Services Facilities
• Renovated Visitor and Customer Lobby Entrance
• Renovated Employee Entrance with Plaza
• New Guard Station Facilities
• Renovated Workspaces
• Renovated Stairwells to Enhance Lighting, Safety, and Finishes
• Landscape Design and Features
• Podium Improvements and Entry Pergola Sculpture
• Engineering for increased loadings and equipment
• Upgrade in Mechanical and Electrical Systems
• Upgrade in Upper Levels Terrace Finishes
• Additional Infrastructural Needs Meeting Sustainability Goals

Other Engineering Portfolio